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This is exactly what I was looking for to keep my chicks warm because I didn’t want to use a heat lamp due to risk of fire and the light eventually stressing them out. I really like how easy this was to assemble and how easy it was to adjust the height of the legs. It feels sturdy and tough. It does take about an hour to heat up fully and you definitely want it warm enough for your chicks when you have to put them under it so just plan for that. The chicks also have to be making contact with the underside of the heater to stay warm so make sure it’s low enough. You may want to get a no-roost cone for the top of it when the chicks get older because they do like to sit on top of it and poop on top of it. I was pleased to find out that it was made in the Netherlands and not China so that was a plus, we had it on every day for five weeks and it worked great, would buy again for sure!

Rural365 Chick Heating Plate Brooder Plate

This is a great door, good design, and easy to install! I read some the reviews and was not sure since they were mixed. I received the door and it was pretty easy to install (3o minutes). I was concerned about it being predator proof at the bottom of the opening. It includes a metal piece at the bottom that covers the lip so predators can't get under the door to lift up. Very easy to program. You can set it to open and close based on time or light (not both). It took a couple of days for the girls to get used to but not they are in the coop before it closes every time! I would recommend this door to anyone.

Rural365 Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Electronic Automated Opener Panel